This is a picture from a ladybird ‘Book of Mindfulness’ that I enjoy. The art of mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist tradition designed to slow down the mind and focus on the moment. It has been proved to be successful in treating PTSD when used in the form of meditation. And also, has known benefits in neuroplasticity.

Harvard in 2010 researched 2,250 adults by using an app and asking them throughout the day about their actions and their thoughts. I think that this kind of defeats the purpose, using an app. Surely one of the litmus tests of mindfulness nowadays is being able to resist your phone.

Here is an alternative to the usual meditation.  Humor alert. It may make you smile.


‘Words are more powerful than actions’ challenges the paradigm……..

Once upon a time we used to daydream.


I can recall getting the bus as a young girl, having no phone in my hand to distract me and enjoying staring out of the window and allowing my mind to wander.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of mindfulness. Anything that encourages peace and a Zen like state has to be good. I am just not feeling it today.


That’s all for now

Stay fab