Gicky shoes

I had to buy Buzz and Finn new coats as I got them groomed too tight and they were cold. I know, duh!    What was I thinking when I knew the winter was coming? I can only call it a brain fart moment to be honest. I have them every so often.

Buzz was not impressed at all with his. He was so unimpressed he was refusing to go for a walk.    He stood outside my door and looked at me as if to say ‘Really are you serious? You expect me to go walking in this? Don’t you realize that I have a reputation to uphold? ‘. Anyhoo he finally relented and decided to enjoy the walk as he realized that it was contingent on him wearing his new raincoat.

As a young child I had knock knees and my mum forced me to wear disgusting brown orthotic shoes.  Quite similar to the ones in the picture. I was uber defiant and kept saying that they looked like lumps of ‘Gick’ on my feet and I wouldn’t be seen dead in them. ‘Gick’ is the Irish slang for a poo.

My mam had to give up in the end as (like Buzz) I was stubborn.    Anyhoo, I got my way and to this day I have perfect knock knees.  Serves me right for being such a defiant little minx.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.