Turn on notifications -Strewth 


Warning – rant alert

I like my YouTube and understand the value of social media.   However, something always scratches my frustration bone.  Whenever I am on these apps every time I ‘like’ or ‘subscribe’ to something it invariably asks me do I want to turn on notifications.

The answer is always a resounding ‘No’.   And a ‘No’ with notification bells on.  Why would I want head melting phone pings every few minutes?   The incessant pinging would sound like a heart monitor in intensive care. And quite possible cause me to end up there due to the stress caused from   having to listen to them.  Strewth!

My other favorite annoyance is again linked to the apps where I forget my password.  Instead of resetting it I am then asked if I would like to log in using either Google or Facebook. Because I am lazy, I say yes and I am dutifully then informed that they will have access to everything. I presume this includes my DNA and also the right to harvest my organs upon my demise.

I do have a favorite notification and it is a meditation bell that a friend of mine told me about. It is from the Plum Village App.Every hour the bell gently goes off to remind oneself to be mindful.   So, I am off to have a ‘Zenax’, i.e., get chilled and Zen like.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.