Glastonbury Tales ( Part 1 of 4 )


Glastonbury Tales (Part 1of 4)

       Our normal life prism shall be suspended for a while.

Whilst we are indulged, inspired, surprised and beguiled.

With our magic bands firmly attached to our wrists

We enter Nirvana, the home of The Knight and The Alchemist.

Michael and Emily create the field of our dreams.

Where everything is more and sometimes not what it seems.

Our thoughts are challenged, our minds in disarray.

With childlike wonder we love and we play.

The anticipation of the impending elation

Knowing I shall be blissed out by sensations

Blows my mind.

Everyone bathed in spirituality and oh so kind.

Thursday night William’s Green beckons.

The joy of being here pervades every second.

Best of the cheese at Club De Fromage

With a vintage set the DJ plays homage.

For ablutions the long drop is for those without a care

Less queues, no time to snooze, as I shimmy without flair.

Or perhaps for those inclined, a private toilette?

All needs catered for and you can play flushin roulette.

We watch the sunrise from The Stones, a brand-new day.

Glastonbury in its magnificence always takes my breath away.

The flags, the Tepee’s, the prospect of the joy to unfold.

Must quell the excitement to rest first and later behold.

The Friday Glastonbury feeling arrives as my senses are assaulted.

Backpack on, all geared up, plans for the day sorted.

Off into The Craft and Green fields where the festival reveals its essence.

The magnificence of Glastonbury adorned by its tribe is forever omnipresent.



More tomorrow

All the best

Stay fab