Glastonbury Tales Part 2

Glastonbury Tales Part 2

Woodwork, sculpting, reed art and mosaics.

Everything is unique, nothing is prosaic.

Wonderful workshops for every whim.

Where to go? who cares? Exploring, hearts soaring, to the brim.

DJs in a tree, skaters on boards, mystical characters 10 feet tall.

Kids in carts, lovingly pulled by their folks and the magician with a floating glass ball.

Acrobats and comedy, fire eating, flash mobs and puppets.

Mad Max on stilts, giant kangaroos, Cabaret Tea crew for a cuppa.

The Guardian tent calls to replenish and reflect.

More fab bands playing, more tea offered I don’t object.

Then off to Shangri La for some moshing in a tube carriage.

Followed by 360-degree cinema illuminating our earth and its damage.

The Pyramid stage calls and I witness its sacred presence.

Crowd’s waving flags as we bathe in the field’s essence.

Followed by John Peel Tent to adore the new and up and coming.

Then onto the train tracks as to Block 9 we are summoned.

The choons are electric as fetish meets underground funk.

More mind-blowing art, from the surreal to the punk.

With reticence we decide to hit back to our tent.

Filled full of wonder for our dreams and the day spent.

Saturday sunshine has us giddy with anticipation.

Park Life in The Park for sustenance and a welcome libation.

The Free University challenges our thoughts to get us thinking.

Then hear the rumor of a secret set as everyone is tweeting.

We make merry in Parlay Parlor enjoying the chaos knowing we are blessed.

Then off to West Holts to put Wellness Wonderland to the test.

Sound healing, gong baths and laughter yoga replenish our energy.

The Unfairground enthralls us as we absorb the weird and the wacky.

We dance to the Glade stage for everything that is all the rave.

Then a round table pint in The Avalon Inn is what we crave.

We see a Knight brandishing coconut making a helluva a din.

From afar I witness the flags blowing in the wind.

The Other stage is bathed in the evening sunshine

Folk are laughing, giddy, dancing, drinking beer and coiffing wine.

Revelers in fancy dress happy to pose for passers-by.

The atmosphere is electric. I am so happy I almost cry.


More tomorrow.


All the best

Stay fab