Glastonbury Tales Part 3


Glastonbury Tales Part 3

Then over to Left field for some pop and politics.

Debates are flowing and the atmos is sick.

We get down to the nitty gritty.

Chat, disagree, enchant and enjoy being witty.

We race to Kidzfield for some much-needed innocence.

As I am chased by a giant beach ball, I lose all my sense.

Police with fairy wings helping parents with kids.

Basil Brush, Helter skelter, our laughter in fits.

Arcadia gathers us to its web as we dance to our hearts content.

With pulsating rhythm our energy will never be spent.

The light shows, the spectacle the earth beneath our feet.

What a day, what a place. I feel ultimately complete.

Waking to the rain that has poured overnight.

Wellies on we brave Sunday the mud is such a sight.

Yet everyone is nonchalant isn’t this part of Glastonbury.

Playing human mud skittles is all part of the melee.

Sliding to the park we aim for Cosmic Disco Base camp.

Sculpture garden is a mud fest am beginning to feel quite damp.

The clouds disappear as the crowds’ roar and cheer.

We head for the legend and get some beer.

Sunday afternoon is bittersweet as always.

Knowing that the festival’s end is only hours away.

The legends are always awesome as they sing with all their glory.

Our hearts soar as thankfully the melancholy is transitory.

As the sun re appears Shangri la beckons.

     The mud is relentless onto The Rabbit hole we reckon.

Shakespeare in the woods

Forsooth I think I should.

  The miniscule of sound.

     Where the minutia abounds.

           To miss it would be obscene.

        You know what I mean.


More tomorrow.


All the best

Stay fab