Glastonbury Tales Part 4 (Final)

Glastonbury Tales Part 4 (Final)

Other, Peel and Park stages rock us to the core.

Completely blissed out but somehow, we want more.

The fields of fun swell our hearts. We hit the disco of silence.

All shimmied out, we head for our tent as sleep begins to make sense.

Monday morning blues as our tribe dissipates.

Another year to dream of Glastonbury, another year to wait.

We feel like we all belong in this place.

It is our vibe, our spirit, our sacred space.

Nowhere on earth can you be so indulged and filled with so much light.

This field of dreams is a treasure as we all replenish our might

Michael and Emily, your generous spirit will always capture our hearts.

You bring bliss way beyond measure with your music and your art.

It’s not about music, the arts or sentiments.

It’s about how we live with one another, our enlightened soul advent.

See the love, pay it forward, with random acts of kindness.

We all help to dissipate daily stress and blindness.

What a privilege to walk the Glastonbury land.

To witness one man’s vision and join all our hands.

To celebrate, to give, to unite, and to live.

To join our hearts in gratitude for this weekend full of love.

    I met you once Mr.Eavis I was three sheets to the wind

        You are our greatest ambassador for mankind.



By Adele Leahy




All the best

Stay fab