Good Dog

Finn was as sick as a dog yesterday.  I wonder where that phrase comes from.?  Well, thanks to Google I have found out. Where would we be without it?  Possibly Googless ?   If that is even a word?  Enough of the questions.

Apparently, it comes from the early 1700’s when diseases like the plague were primarily said to be spread by animals such as dogs. All things undesirable were compared to our canine friends.

The day started well, myself and a friend had a picnic at the beach. We wiled away a few hours chatting and gazing at the ever-changing sky from menacing grey clouds and rain to Mediterranean blue. Buzz and Finn were in their element chasing each other round.

A few hours later Finn was shivering, panting and peed so much in my living room that it resembled a lake at one time. I couldn’t clean it up quick enough as he was at it again. Poor thing.

I guessed that he had possibly eaten something that did not agree with him and promptly whisked him off to the vet. As ever they looked after him in their caring and wonderful professional manner.

He is fine today. As good a dog as he ever was or will be. Buzz also looked after him or Dr. Buzz as I call him sometimes as he does like to lick anything better.

That is when he is not performing the early morning medical breath assessment.  This is when he comes within 1 cm of my mouth to sniff my breath. Once he is happy, he jumps off. A friend confided in me that her dog also performed this daily health assessment.

I am blessed with two gorgeous little dogs who are very very good dogs indeed.

That’s all for now

Stay fab