Gorilla’s windy bottom

I have to admit that following watching a sloth take a gleeful boat ride in the Amazon has been almost tipped by watching these gorillas singing and farting. The fact that it is pure base humor is not lost on me.   After all I am a self-confessed addict of anything lewd, ribald or base in nature. With that in mind I must warn you that the following may be deemed too rude and possibly offensive.  Read on at your peril.

Buzz & Finn fart but there’s are of the SBD variety- silent but deadly.  From experiencing their farts, I have drawn the conclusion that they do not derive much satisfaction from farting.

Unlike the gorilla in this video. They appear to enjoy the gaseous emissions from their collective bottoms. I know that we share 96% of our DNA with gorillas which may explain why both species consider farting a blissful experience.

Maybe the movie ‘Godzilla’ needs to have scene in it where Godzilla farts and completely gases everyone on earth?  It would be both funny and terrifying at the same time.  I know that I would enjoy watching it.

The movie would have the tyrannical monster element as well as the biochemical warfare element.  Perhaps they could also add Godzilla following through and creating a giant Godzilla made brown mountain? Or perhaps I need to stop writing now as I may have taken this notion a little bit too far….

That’s all for now

Stay fab