Dog Reiki Part 1

Reiki Healing for Dogs

I was walking Buzz & Finn the other day when we got into some bother in my local park. Finn was up to his normal antics running around as though his little ass was on fire.

He particularly enjoys playing with other dogs on leads by running around and teasing them.  I noticed this lady about 100 yards away from me in the middle of another field with a big black dog.   Finn performed his usual stunt and I didn’t pay much attention thereafter.

A few minutes elapsed when I looked over to the lady and she was bent over her dog for a prolonged length of time.    I went over to see if she and the dog were ok.

She was very pleasant but told me that her dog had pulled his leg from trying to play with Finn. He was limping badly and could not walk.    He must have been about 35kgs and was also blind in one eye.  I put Buzz & Finn back on the lead.

I apologized profusely to the lady and said that I would not leave until I knew that he was ok and could walk home.  Although the two of us were at a loss at the time to provide a solution as to how they could get home.

My phone was with me and I asked the lady if there was anyone that I could call that might be able to help us?  At this stage I thought that maybe I could go home and drive my car into the park and up onto the grass.    Although as he was such a big dog it would still have been difficult to get him into my car. Part 2 tomorrow.

I’m off to cut my grass and then give it a good Reiki….

Stay fab