Growing old disgracefully

I love this video. The comedian ‘Lachlan Patterson’ eloquently transports us to the future to see what todays twenty something year olds will be like as pensioners.   It may seem that social media and cyberspace may somehow stunt our real life experiences. Who knew?

Growing old is an inevitability for most of us that will have the luck and grace to enter the winter of our years.   I have every intention of growing old disgracefully. Why not?   Convention and anything resembling a regimental lifestyle suck anyway.  I have always subscribed to  antidisestablishmentarianism.     But to be honest only because it took me years to be able to spell it.   My subscription has – until now- been limited to spelling it.    However I fully intend to begin living on the edge any day soon.   Once lock down is over.

Who knows I may join a circus and become the ‘Zimmer Queen’?   Conducting outrageous acrobatics using my Zimmer frame.    I may become a DJ ?   I wouldn’t be the first.   Apparently octogenarian DJ’s were all the rage pre Covid.    The ‘80’ would be my set list   (excuse the pun)  and some remixed Hans Zimmer…..OK, I will stop now with the woeful puns.   I have no intention of becoming a grumpy belligerent ‘hardly able’.     Where I complain constantly that I am ‘hardly able ‘ to do this, or that.


That’s all for now

Stay fab


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