Irish Lock down release

When I heard that April 26th would be the day that golf could be played, I was thrilled. Then I remembered that I do not play golf.

When I heard that tennis would also recommence on April 26th, I was over the feckin moon. Then I remembered that I don’t play tennis. I wonder when discus throwing, the javelin or curling will be re-introduced? As I don’t play them either.

I must stop writing and walk my dogs. Oh, I don’t………. No, I actually do have two little dogs. Buzz and Finn are the real rock stars of this blog.   I adore walking them on the beach. At least April 12th will allow us to travel within our county without fear of the Gardai or tickets.

Myself and my two swimming buddies all got tickets a few days ago. Apparently, we were parked on the path.   But there was no double yellow line. We had our lovely swim and then as we were driving home, we all noticed the ticket flapping like an evil piece of parking confetti beneath our wipers. I must admit that I wished bedbugs upon the person who wrote us our tickets.

Enjoy the doggie escape video it is quite unbelievable.


That’s all for now


Stay fab