Clean freaks

‘You can get a woman to do anything if you say – at the end of asking her – wit yo fine ass ‘.  What a line, it cracks me up.    The comedian ‘Lachlan Patterson’ at his very best discussing his ‘clean freak’ girlfriend.

During my childhood I was guilty of asking my brother to wash up the washing up liquid bottle.      In my defense it was covered in washing up liquid solidified gunk.     I remember him telling me repeatedly what a ridiculous request it was.

I am by no means a ‘clean freak’.    I can be untidy at times but within a day or so I will need to return order to my home.    Thank God neither Buzz nor Finn moult.    I really couldn’t deal with dog hairs everywhere.    I would end up resembling Chewbacca if I sat on the couch.

Eco cleaning appears to be the new thing.    Apparently a lemon and vinegar will clean almost anything in your home.    Who knew? I had entirely limited their use to delicious seasoning on fish and chips. I do however need to clean my patio and beneath the table and chairs which have been covered for winter.     I am afraid of what I might find?     A family of squirrels playing snooker?     Or some mice playing darts?    Perhaps a fox on his iPad watching funny animal videos?


That’s all for now


Stay fab



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