Clean freaks

‘You can get a woman to do anything if you say – at the end of asking her – wit yo fine ass ‘. What a line, it cracks me up.  The comedian ‘Lachlan Patterson’ at his very best discussing his ‘clean freak’ girlfriend.

During my childhood I was guilty of asking my brother to wash up the washing up liquid bottle after he had finished doing the washing up. In my defense it was covered in washing up liquid solidified gunk. I remember him telling me repeatedly what a ridiculous request it was.

He was the messiest fecker at washing up. Invariably there would be a pool of water beneath the sink that he would have created whilst washing the dishes.

I am by no means a ‘clean freak’.    I can be untidy at times but within a day or so I will need to return order to my home. Thank God neither Buzz nor Finn shed. I really couldn’t deal with dog hair everywhere. I would end up resembling Chewbacca if I sat on the couch.

Eco cleaning appears to be a new thing. Apparently, lemon and vinegar will clean almost anything in your home. Who knew? I had entirely limited their use to delicious seasoning on fish and chips. I do, however, need to clean my patio and beneath the table and chairs which have been covered for winter. I am afraid of what I might find?  A family of squirrels playing snooker? Or some mice playing darts?    Perhaps a fox on his iPad watching funny animal videos?

That’s all for now

Stay fab