Hairy lady garden



I watched this video after I had a swim yesterday and felt compelled to check my lady garden. Thankfully it was nothing like the video.  However, I was still not averse to a decent pruning whilst I was at it.

I am frequently amazed and secretly delighted at the level of accidental nudity at the beach with people changing post swimming.

We are generally so thrilled to have had a sea swim that getting dressed in a graceful manner is not really a priority.  The craic’s and the boobs are there for anyone interested in viewing them.

I know I am no different.  In my haste to dry myself, get warm and changed I am pretty sure that my baps have been accidentally on display at times. If this happens, I can honestly say that I do not really mind if someone gets a glimpse. They may well decide that they resemble spaniels’ ears or Pamela Anderson’s, if she were 99 years of age.

I suppose the joie de vivre associated with swimming tends to put these worries into perspective.  Were I younger I know that I would be uber self-conscious but there has to be some advantages to getting older and this is one of them.

So, for now, Baps away.

Stay fab