Halloween Key Story

What a day. A weird one indeed. The culmination of synchronicities that began at the beginning of the week.  I was at a meeting and someone dropped their keys in the meeting.  Nothing too odd about that.  On Wednesday the same thing happened in a supermarket and I ran after the person to return their keys to them.  Today I was parking my car to go for a swim when someone getting out of their cars dropped their keys.

I believe in the rule of threes.   In that good things happen in threes and bad things happen in threes. And cats happen in trees but that’s another thing altogether. Apparently, the spiritual meaning of seeing lots of keys is that they can signify freedom and answers to unknown problems.

I also had three black cats pass in front of me. At various times I must add. Otherwise, it would be pure spooky. And finally, I had three different telephone calls interrupted by really weird interference which sounded like the old modems or alien abductions. Not sure which.

So where are my feckin keys? My phone keeps showing me advertisements for locksmiths which are freaking me out. Is the universe having a laugh or something?

I’ve said three prayers to St. Anthony and whilst walking the dogs I was on high alert for a black cat to grant me the luck to find them. Instead, Buzz got out of his new collar and started chasing a black cat. Not sure what it all means but a bit to Halloweeny for my liking.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.