Clocks go back

Tonight, the clocks go back and I cannot wait to begin my hibernation good and proper.  Apparently, accidents and thefts are always on the increase when the clocks change due to the confusion it causes and possibly because many people forget.  I love having the extra hour in bed also.

When I mentioned that the clocks were going back to an elderly neighbor who is hard of hearing she said

‘What, the cocks go black?’

She is a bit of a divil and part of me believes that she knew what she was saying but it made me giggle all the same. Having lived in the Middle East for over ten years I always missed the seasons.  I am home now eight years and I believe that I am still in the honeymoon period regarding the weather and the seasons. Autumn is probably my favorite but to be honest I love them all.

There is always talk of not changing the times due to the confusion but it works for me. Bring on the long dark evening when nightfall begins at 16.00.

I am off to make a giant cup of tea and put in my order for two deluxe cuddle packages from both Buzz and Finn.

All the best

Stay Fab