The witching hour shall be upon us soon with children dancing door to door requesting treats.   Many of the houses where I live are decorated to the highest level.  Pumpkins are popping up outside every doorway. There is one particular house that I have to stop by and enjoy for at least a few minutes whilst walking Buzz and Finn.

Besides the 20-foot inflatable ghost, the front room is like a Halloween shopfront on Grafton Street.   The entire area is decorated with Halloween paraphernalia.

But my favorite feature is the non-stop video playing in the top bedroom window.   It features skeletons ballroom dancing and playing instruments in a band.  There are witches and cauldrons and dinosaurs and werewolves.

Buzz and Finn just stand by my feet waiting patiently until I have had my nightly Halloween fix.   The only downside is the fireworks and the bangers.   Like many dogs Finn cowers with fright when he hears them and has begun to try to hide under cars.   Or when at home he will go under the table. Unfortunately, they started about two weeks ago and I can only hope that they will not carry on for another few weeks following Halloween.

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching scary movies. Particularly Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. Then I watched The Exorcist and as it scared the living daylights out of me, I have never been able to watch horror movies again.

Now, where did I put my popcorn? Maybe I will give Scary Movie a try.

All the best

Stay Fab