Elephants napping


Take 30 second to watch these elephants nap 🥺 #relax #news #calm

♬ original sound – Good Morning America

Watching this clip brings me such peace. I love elephants.  But I could never eat a whole one. I had never imagined that elephants sleep together in a group like this. Or maybe they don’t?  It could just be a one-off massive slumber party?

They must have been a bit peeved by the aircraft flying above them making this video whilst they were trying to send up some elephant z’s.

I wonder what they dream of?  Giant muddy lakes and no seasons so that there can be food in abundance.  They must never get lost as ‘an elephant never forgets’.  Is it possible for them to be mortified if they forget considering the high standards that they place on their memory?  Research claims that they remember places for food and water as well as friends and enemies.

WPA-Woeful pun alert- ‘Tusk tusk’ I hear you mutter as you sigh at my mindless meanderings.  Some may even suggest that this blog be truncated (really sorry about that one. It’s bad.  Even by my standards) but for ivory (every) protestation about my unsolicited use of woeful puns I shall persist regardless.

I am now off to dream about elephants wandering through the Serengeti seeking out giant muddy ponds and juicy delicious trees.

Here is a cute video for your perusal. The first baby elephant looks like he is attempting parkour on the tree trunk.


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