Happy New Year and Beauty treatments gone wrong.

Happy New Year to one and all, may your joys be tenfold and your problems be small. 

May you rise to your challenges as though you are ten feet tall, 

And may you live each day to see the wonder in them all.

Ten years ago, I read that haemorrhoid cream was a great cure for wrinkles under the eyes. Gobshite that I am, of course, I had to try it, and I couldn’t get to the chemist quick enough and lather it beneath my eyes. And the good news was that it did, in fact, get rid of my under-eye wrinkles. Although, they were replaced by swollen, red scaly, flaky (akin to bad eczema) patches. Vanity is a dreadful thing; at times, as a young girl, I was a divil for plucking my eyebrows. To the point where I ended up with none and had to draw them in for years.

Sunbathing was another disaster. Having freckled skin made me determined to get a good enough tan so all my freckles would join together. I can honestly remember lying out in our back garden as a teenager and considering using a mirror for tanning my face while lying on my tummy. Like a lot of people, I found it easier to tan my front more than my back, and I resented the time wasted when my face could be getting browner. On one occasion, my sister was hanging washing on the line, and I roared at her to move the socks as they were casting a shadow on me.

Leslie Ash, famously of the ‘trout pout’, and Linda Evangelista, with cryolipolysis (a body contouring cosmetic treatment to remove areas of body fat), are two of the most well-known celebrities that have suffered beauty treatment fails. Leslie’s lips look normal by today’s standards and Linda is still beautiful.

Body dysmorphia seems to be a growing worrying trend which is only worsened by some celebrities using ridiculous filters on their Instagram feed.

I am glad to say that I now use Factor 50 daily and leave my eyebrows alone. My under-eye wrinkles are from all the laughing I have done over my lifetime and will continue to do.

All the best

Stay fab