Happy Christmas 2022

I had the misfortune of attending ER in Beaumont Hospital on Christmas Day as a chest infection was resilient to three antibiotics and three courses of steroids. Poor me, but seriously there is a woeful triumvirate of flu, Covid and chest infections going around. It seems even worse than when we had Covid, as, during that time, many of us thought that it was primarily Covid that we were fighting.

The waiting time was four hours as I had a chest x-ray and bloods taken. During this time, I was treated to some great emergency room chat entertainment that I thought I might share with you.

I was sitting in a cubicle with a couple behind me, and the partner was trying to cheer his girlfriend up.

-Ah, sure, it could be worse. It could be Christmas day.

-But it is.

-I know, I’m only messin.

-Keep that up ‘an you’ll need a few more x-rays.

Then I was privy to somebody registering, and my heart went out to the lady that was trying to get his details to see if he already had a file.

-I was on the lash, an I think I broke me toe.

-What makes you think that?

-Well, it’s painin me an’ bruised.

-Have you been here before?

-Do ya mean do I come here often? Heard tha’ in Coppers last night.

-No, I mean, have you ever been here before?

-Yeah, I brought me Ma in last month.

-As a patient? To see if we have a file on you?

-Ehm, no, don’t think so.

-What’s your date of birth?

-I’m old enough to be here. I promise.

At this point, I couldn’t suppress the giggles anymore and forced myself to cough, which started a spasm of coughing convulsions. I was then called back in to get my results. I am glad to say that all is grand as two days later, a Christmas miracle occurred, and I began to feel less like an 80-year-old with TB and Emphysema.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

All the best

Stay fab