Best of 2022 Blogs Part One Of Three

Warning, two of the poems are not happy. They were written when I was sad and were a useful and cathartic tool to help me deal with the emotions of the time. They are Soul Blink and Mosquito Mind. As Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown in My Left Foot once said, ‘They were written in my blue period.’ And not because I am a closet menstruating Smurf but because whatever was going on at the time required me to write these poems to help me process it.

Poem – Soul Blink

Poem- Mosquito Mind

Poem -Daisy Dreaming


Daisy Dreaming is decidedly chirpier and I hope you enjoy it.

Besides my poetry, I always enjoy sharing the ‘Best of ‘, from the last year of blogging. The ones I have chosen are the ones I enjoyed writing the most and when I reread them, they still make me smile. Perhaps they will have the same effect on you?


1. Jan 09th 2022 Naughty Naughty Priest Father King –

2. Feb 7th Little Britain – Fat Fighters Marjorie-

3. Mar 7th Open Mic –

4. Mar 20th Singing Coffee Van Man –


All the best

Stay fab