Happy Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice 2021

May you have a very Happy one.

Come what may.

May the stars align and make your dreams come true.

May you be filled full of joy and never blue.

May your heart be pure and your spirit golden.

May your soul flourish and become emboldened.

May your troubles dissipate. May you be free of worry.

May you cherish each moment and not be in a hurry.

May you sing your song and dance your dance.

May your laughter fill a room as you twinkle and you glance.

May your arms embrace another with kindness, love and caring.

May your days be filled with peace, joy and daring.



What a day. I always love the Summer and Winter Solstice. There is something so magical about new beginnings. I enjoy imagining our ancestors rejoicing at this special time of year thousands of years ago when only the sun and the moon guided their days.

Myself and two friends did a sunrise swim for Simon Community this morning- the homeless in Dublin. Their tagline is ‘On the longest day of the year, help the homeless. Because for them every day is the longest day of the year’. So true and poignant #simoncommunity.

Their plight is seriously underrepresented as we focus on the pandemic and continue to consider how the world will reset itself. Hopefully for the better.

All the best

Stay fab