Motor boating

I had the privilege of working with the elderly for some time and met some great characters. There is one in particular that I will always remember fondly.

For confidentiality purposes I will call him ‘Paddy’.  As he used to be a postman, he loved walking up and down the corridor in between mealtimes and greeting everyone that walked past.  From nurses, to carers, facilities staff, and catering to the visitors and facilities staff.

The priest came in to say Mass every Sunday and Paddy always referred to him as Father Ted much to the priests’ delight as they always had a giggle.  Paddy had dementia and the sweetest of natures to go with it.   The night staff would prepare letters with old stamps for him the next day so that he would have a postal round to attend to within the wards.

One day we were in the Day Room after the musician had been singing for a few hours and getting everyone dancing.  He had asked a few ladies to dance but had been politely declined. Two of the carers danced with him.

When the dance was over, he came over to me. I am quite tall, about 5ft 9 inches and Paddy was about 5ft 5 inches.  He was chest height when he came up to me.   On this occasion he decided to put his face between my boobs and motor boat me. I was in shock and took a fit of the giggles.   As did the rest of the staff.  It was one of those moments that you can never quite be prepared for.

All the best

Stay fab