Happy Sunday Solstice Eve

It was a glorious day to day. regardless of the cold wind. The sky was blue and the rain was nowhere in sight even though the weather report had mentioned a 50%   chance of it.  Tomorrow is the solstice and I am looking forward to it.  I marked it last year with a lovely group of people in the Dublin mountains at a Celtic ceremony where Liam ‘O Maonlai was in attendance and treated us to some music and dancing.


Tomorrow I am heading to Portmarnock beach for a sunrise swim. Apparently, it will be raining but as we will be in the sea it will not really matter.  I will make my intentions for the coming year and attempt to emerge from the sea with a modicum of grace.  However, it is more likely that I will resemble a shivering Grinch crossed with a hypothermic Shrek.

To be honest the best thing about swimming in the freezing cold sea is that how you look no longer becomes an issue as it is overcome by the sheer exhilaration of completing the act. I have wanted to sea swim for so many years and am so pleased that I am finally doing it.  I cannot wait for the Christmas morning swim as again this is something that has been on my to do list each year.


Have a great day.

Stay fab.