Happy Wednesday

Warning GFA-Giggle free alert

Happy Wednesday to you. And what a Wednesday it is. A Wednesday to end all Wednesdays’.  We have made it through 54 weeks of a global pandemic.  Many have not.

As I was driving today, I noticed a queue of people outside somebody’s house.    I realized that somebody must have passed away and that everyone was paying their respects. I was reminded how fragile life is for us all still.

I was inspired to write a poem about friendship as the person that passed was obviously a friend to so many. Two of my dearest friends have also celebrated their birthdays this month. This is also for them.  You know who you are.


The Alchemy of friendship

I gave you my peril

You gave me a pearl

I gave you my shattered soul

You gave me your world

My perspective was prosaic

You altered my prism

You said my life was a mosaic

I just needed to walk out of my prison

I surrendered to self-love

Fought the fear, learned from the pain

I mined my spirit treasure trove

Began to believe in myself again

The alchemy of our friendship

Is our odyssey to embrace

I cherish our companionship

I am forever touched by your grace



That’s all for now


Stay fab