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I have waited a week to discuss the ground breaking interview with Harry & Meghan and  Oprah. Don’t worry.      I won’t weigh in.      It has all been said before.    For me the most astounding revelation is the fact that avocados are, apparently, the new blood diamonds.   Who knew?   They are responsible for an increased carbon footprint drought and deforestation.    To quote the lady herself ‘A loaded piece of toast.    A bit like the interview.    Ahem.     I will stop.

Then again, maybe not.    Besides the racism allegation, the Katie mis-understanding and Harry throwing his dad under the bus.     It all went dickety boo……. Oh, and the claim that ‘Archie’ has no title due to the Queen deciding not to give him one.

Meghan mentioned that she had been friends with Princess Eugenie before she met Harry which would mean that she was not completely clueless regarding the monarchy.

We cannot ignore either Harry’s or Meghan’s mental health issues. Harry has openly discussed his battles with his mental health which is not surprising.      And to hear Meghan discuss her own battle is so sad. In many ways it is like ‘History is repeating itself’. No one can begin to imagine the pain that William and Harry had to go through in losing their mother in such a public way.

However, the monarchy – besides the statement they issued- will continue to launch their full investigation into why 2 of Meghan’s staff were fired within 8 months of her entering the palace. The reputation of The Monarchy has taken a serious hit. But for now, I believe it acts as a smoke screen for allegations made against Prince Andrew.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Harry and Meghan are no different. Yes, Harry has lived a royal life and never wanted for anything. But he has had to deal with the death of his mother and unrelenting press intrusion.

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