Inspirational Retreats Part One

Inspirational Retreats appear to be the go-to holiday for now. We have always needed holidays to relax, but nowadays, we need the digital detox, too, quality time away from our screens. In Parts one, two and three, I will detail some of the more popular ones, and because of my facetious nature, I will include some that are ridiculous, and you can decide if they are true or not.

How about the Sacred Passover retreat, where you drink the ashes of the dead to encapsulate their good spirit. Bet you could be dead relaxed after it…sorry. Perhaps some time away at a retreat specialising in animals and reptiles, including snake massages and sniffing Aardvarks. Apparently, Aardvarks emit a pheromone which is extremely relaxing and can help with anxiety. Snail massages, where snails slither all over your back, also have a similar effect. An elephant-dropping massage can improve your memory and stave off dementia, as elephants never forget.

But I nearly keeled over when I discovered a retreat that insists you dress as your favorite Muppet character whilst experiencing magic mushrooms, aka psilocybin in the form of micro-dosing. I have written several blogs over the years which have featured my favorite Muppet characters hence my reaction when I discovered this retreat. Surely, they must allow us to switch and change Muppet outfits on different days to allow people like myself who have a few favorites? I can see myself now dressed as Animal one day, Grover the next and finishing with a flourish as The Swedish Chef. Honestly, I would skip the drug bit as I am not a fan and would maybe just offer to help whilst the other Muppets get merrily off their little heads.

There are such things as crying retreats where you can access any unconscious pain and attempt to release it through crying. It is great for self-soothing and releases oxytocin and endorphins, which work on physical and emotional pain such as grief, loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, and stress. I can just see myself at this retreat, crying like a banshee and enjoying every minute. For now, if I need a good cry, I just watch the movie, Pay it Forward. It works—every single time.

All the best

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