Just Desserts


Lately I have been baking and my recipe of choice are ‘Black Bean Brownies’.    Made with kidney beans instead of black beans. Following several attempts, I believe that I have finally succeeded in baking a rather satisfactory batch.

This has been verified by a few friends. As well as tasting yummy they are exceedingly healthy. Crumbs I do sound like Mr. Kipling.

WPA- Woeful puns alerts- the following text may contain cringe worthy baking puns.   No apologies as this is how I roll.

As with any baking, all you knead is love. And there is almost a guarantee that everything will turn out fine. I said almost. Whilst baking my brownies yesterday Buzz and Finn were gazing at me in the kitchen (my two little Morkie dogs, if you are new to my site), Their dough eyes looking for treats as they were being particularly good.

As I tossed them some treats, I managed to spill the opened bag of chocolate chips all over the floor. Buzz and Finn went mental scrambling for choccie chips.  I managed to grab hold of both of them and move them into the sitting room whilst I tidied up. As chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs, I was very anxious but thankfully they did not eat any.

Kidney beans are very high in fiber and as I found out later, they make you fart rather a lot. Whilst leaving the beach with my friends today I let one rip (as I had a brownie before our swim). I was rather shocked with the ferocity of the fart and said ‘I think I know why they are called brownies………’.   Thank goodness it wasn’t more than a fart but it was close.


That’s all for now


Stay fab