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Sesame street –Mad song

Today myself and my swimming chums were accosted by an angry neighbor who objected to where we parked. BTW We were not obstructing his driveway in any way. The above Muppets video might best describe our reaction to the event.

Swimming at lower rock in (Portmarnock) has become increasingly popular as has the number of cars seeking parking spaces.   As mentioned in a previous blog the car parking ticket officers are having a field day for any infractions such as having 2 inches of your tyre parked on the pavement.

I can appreciate the frustration that the neighbors are experiencing.   However, the manner in which this particular neighbors’ protestations were delivered was rather ungracious. There was no reasoning with him. Myself and my two friends have all had business dealings with him in the past and his reputation precedes him.

We acquiesced to his demands and have now collectively decided to no longer park there and face his wrath.  Even though there are public spaces available. WPA-Woeful puns alert.  We will not allow him to drive us to distraction. All he did was fueled our fervor for our swim.

We were beautifully exhausted after our dip in the sea. Afterwards we told jokes and had great gas.   The whole event was quite tiring and we bade each other farewell.


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