The art of strolling

Today I decided to perambulate with my dogs. I thought of going for a stroll. Then a saunter. And finally settled on perambulate. I was reminded of the many beautiful words for the simple act of walking.  I can amble and ramble, and saunter and stroll. I was inspired to write the following.    Please excuse me whilst I get all poetic………




I may amble or ramble

Perhaps saunter and stroll

What is my mood am I feeling bold?

I may tramp or tred

Perhaps trudge or meander

Am I too hard on myself for perhaps committing a blunder?

I may promenade and roam

Walk. Take a tour

Feel alive, invigorated, self-assured

I may wander or plod,

Perhaps stride, even trek

I shall count my blessings with every step


I cleverly decided to steer clear of moon walking.

Or sashaying for that matter. I completely forgot about sashaying. The greatest example of this has to be John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.   Now there is a man that knows how to sashay.

I do not think my neighborhood is quite ready for it yet. Moon walking that is. Perhaps if I can convince some of them to partake in a flash mob?    Now there’s an idea.   Excuse me whilst I pat myself on the back vigorously. And then saunter off for a sashay.


That’s all for now


Stay fab