Life Hacks gone wrong


This guy cracks me up. Without saying a word his sarcasm is real.

Life hacks gone wrong

I can only surmise that the video was made during lockdown when time was not really of the essence as we all seemed to have so much of it on our hands. As they say Necessity is the mother of all invention.   And I must admit that I was close to uploading a video of my very own life hack but then decided against it as I realized how unflattering it would be.

Basically, it allows you to carry more than two things from the kitchen to your living room without the use of the tray at breakfast time. The trick is to create a pouch in your pajamas.

Stay with me on this. You take the top of your PJ’s and tuck them into the bottom.  You then lift up the hem of the top of your PJ’s and bring it over the bottom of your PJ’s thus creating a pouch.  I have used it to bring a piece of fruit whilst carrying my bowl of porridge. What do you think?  You heard it here first.


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