Love Island 2021

Please let me preface this blog by asking for your forgiveness in advance whilst I share my views on Love Island 2021.   I just need to indulge myself for a few paragraphs. Excuse me whilst I hop onto my high horse.

I realize that love island is essentially a social experiment and I have also come to understand that for me it is a mighty platform for my ego.  As I get to judge and silently comment on the antics of the Islanders and whether they are being authentic or not.

I have heard the phrase ‘my type on paper’ being re-mastered into ‘my type on toilet paper’ meaning that the show is a pile of shite.   And I can see how people could think this as sometimes when I am watching it, I think the same thing myself. The fact that it is heavily produced and that obviously so many scenes are choreographed to within an inch of their life is obvious.

Recently I have been thinking about my ego and the irony and hypocrisy of me judging the egos of others when I am actually showboating my own by blogging.   My favorite moment throughout the entire series was when Liberty was discussing her favorite starter. She pronounced Hors D’oeuvres as what sounded like ‘A dwarves. She is such a sweet girl and deserves true love. As do we all.

It is obvious that some of the islanders are there as a means to gain celebrity status and a new career when they leave the island.   And I wish them all the very best.  It does highlight behaviors good and bad and how people should be treated perhaps when they are in a couple.  I am off to join Bumble. Wish me luck.


All the best

Stay fab