More Monty Python

Once I go down the rabbit hole of watching Monty Python, I always find it hard to stop.  It generally becomes a spontaneous giggleathon.

The People’s Front of Judea-‘Wren’s livers, Badger’s spleens…………… Bag of Otter’s noses please

On occasion when I buying a coffee and fancy something on the side to go with it, I am sorely tempted to ask for ‘A bag of Otter’s noses please? ’Just to see the reaction.  Up until now I have resisted but one day I will.

What have the Romans ever done for us? Like everything with Monty Python, they were way ahead of their time.

This is my go-to thought when in conversation and somebody mentions the merits of a particular organization that is generally disliked by the group. Whilst with a group of friends the other day the hot chestnut of the merits of social media came up.

We all agreed that it can often be ruinous to a person’s mental health and that it may also act as a launch pad for the ego.  But someone pointed out the fact that we have instant news at our finger tips.  And I added that having funny video clips at hand is marvelous for my mental health.

The fact that we can stay in touch with friends worldwide and see their photos was also mentioned.  But apart from all of this what has social media ever done for us………. Answers please in the comments section below.

And finally.

‘Romans go Home’ has to be my all-time favorite roman/English lesson.

Have a very silly Monty Python Day.


All the best

Stay fab