Buzz and Finn pissed off

Buzz and Finn are quite playful little pooches. Their nature allows them to get petted and cuddles wherever they go as they are always wagging their tails at strangers. I have mentioned in another blog how Buzz and his barking had been an issue and how I was glad to announce that his barking had diminished greatly.

However, it appears that his barking indoors has diminished and that his barking on occasions outdoors has increased.  I can only imagine that perhaps he has decided on a daily quotient of barking and that if he can’t reach it indoors, he will do so outdoors.  Anyhoo I am still working on it.

A few weeks ago, I was walking them on Malahide beach and a little girl was building a beautiful sandcastle. Finn (in his unfathomable canine wisdom) decided to go up and piss on this little girl’s castle. I was mortified and apologized profusely.   There was nothing that I could do.   Her poor little face. I will never forget it.

Last week I was walking with a friend along Velvet Strand in Portmarnock and we walked past a group of 30 or so people doing a yoga class on the beach. Their Zen was infectious.

Buzz and Finn were playing in and out of the sea. The yoga instructor had a small sandwich board on the sand with the name of her class and her Facebook details.

Before I could do anything, Finn went over to it and pissed on it. Buzz then followed his lead. More mortification. Thank God everyone in the class was laughing.

I offered to take it into the sea and wash it off but the instructor said it was fine. Like Buzz and Finn, I had my tail between my legs as I walked away.


All the best

Stay fab