My Hologram

This year has been hard, and so very very sad. So many have lost their loved ones. My thoughts and prayers go out to those that have.

Due to the ongoing restrictions, I have decided to send my hologram to any events that I might be invited to. I don’t actually have a hologram but I am working on it. If anybody calls and asks me why it didn’t turn up, I will reply in a shocked manner and say that I need to return to the design company that I bought my hologram from. And to ask them why it failed to turn up,

I shall embellish the story by describing my hologram in detail and what I am wearing. My hologram has no VPL, hair like Kylie Minogue, a body like Charlize Theron and lips like Angelina Jolie.

My hologram – let’s just call her ‘Holly’ – would not suffer from Tourette’s, have the most impeccable manners and be incapable of telling rude crude jokes. Basically, a very much improved model of myself.

I shall wax lyrical on the design process and how long it took to complete the finished result. By which time I am pretty sure the caller will have nodded off.

I shall keep you posted regarding the progress of ‘Holly’.


Have a great day.

Stay fab.