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This guy cracks me up.     He sends up Nigella and her overtly seductive manner beautifully.     I get that food can and is (with the right person) sensual but Nigella really does take it too far at times.     There are a couple of guys on Tiktok called ‘Menwithpot’ who also ham up (excuse the woeful pun) their cooking in a forest.     They truly make the art of preparing and cooking food a very Zen like and enjoyable experience.     Particularly as they are doing it out in the open in the middle of a forest.     You never see squirrels bungee jumping from trees and robbing their food.     Come to think of it I don’t think that I have ever seen a squirrel bungee jump, period.     I must pay more attention from now on.     Seeing that we are coming into the spring.    They never show their faces- menwithpot,not squirrels-  only the skillet and the extremely seductive manner in how they prepare and cook the food.

It has been described as food porn and justly so .    The clip has been viewed over 1.3 million times and I can only imagine that many of those views have been for the manner in which the chicken is prepared and slapped.     Who knew that slapping chicken would be so enjoyable to watch?     I wonder if  the staff in Colonel Sanders with his Kenfucky Tried chicken ever slap their chicken.  Oooh, I am getting hungry at the very thought.

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