Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter

Best of Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter


Like many I have such a girl crush on Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter. Their acting talent is mesmerizing and witnessing this clip to see how they are besties is so cute.

Yesterday I mentioned how Chris Hemsworth and James Corden are so gifted but can laugh at themselves and here are another two. Seeing them acting goofy proves that Hollywood superstars are just normal folk who want to get along with one another and have great friendships.

When I see Olivia Coleman interviewed it is hard to reconcile who she really is with her character of the Queen in ‘The Crown’. She plays the part with such grace and elegance.   But then I need to remind myself that this is what the greatest actors do.  They hold us in such a state of awe that we believe that they really are the people that they are playing.

Helena Bonham Carter plays a lot of wacky and wicked characters which I love. We just know that she is wonderfully eccentric and that this can often be reflected in her body of work.   With the exception of her earlier work in the Merchant Ivory films.

I have decided that Olivia and Helena are to be invited to my fantasy dinner. They probably do not know this yet but I am sure that when they hear that they will be delighted.  Fancy dress will be the order of the evening as I will be having it on Halloween.

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