King bed with Doggy insert

King bed with Doggy insert

Now this is what I call a bed.  And how nice of the dogs to have it designed and customized so that their humans can fit inside them too.  My living room is ruled by Buzz & Finn.

They have the sofa, an armchair and doggy beds to choose from.   My home is their kingdom. Whenever they wish they can rest their weary furry heads from being cute, loving, having had too many treats and long walks.

Of course, they sleep with me. Finn burrows beneath the covers as though he is snuffling for truffles and then finally decides upon a spot to curl up in. He stays there for perhaps five minutes and then burrows out the end of the bed to get to his own doggy bed on the floor.  Buzz then takes his rightful place snuggled up beside me.

Researchers have stated that sleeping with your dog can be good for your health.  We all know that dogs can detect cancer, manage diabetes and epilepsy as well as providing therapy for the elderly and special needs.  However, yesterday I met a lady who was training her dog to help people with anxiety.  What a wonderful revelation to realize that the unconditional love of a dog can be used to help with mental health issues.

Now, where are my two little cuddle monsters?

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