Panda Time

Panda vegging out

This has to be my fav ‘Pick me up’ video clip.  Whenever I am down in the mouth, I feel the inexplicable need to watch this Panda eating his/her veg.   It has the dual effect of reminding me to eat more veg therefore it serves my soul and my body.

Although it didn’t work as well as usual as I over indulged in carrot cake earlier.  I may need to source a Panda video where the carrot has been replaced with broccoli.   As I don’t believe that anyone has invented a delicious broccoli cake as yet.  Although stranger things have happened.

I wish that I could look as pleased as this gorgeous Panda when I am eating my veg.   Even if he was watching ‘Kung Fu Panda’ on Netflix I cannot imagine that he could be more relaxed.

‘Netflix and vegging’ are such a glorious way to unwind. I wonder where that expression came from ‘vegging out’?   Upon further investigation it appears to have become popularized by the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ where Julia Roberts says the line ‘Be still like vegetables, lay like broccoli’.

I never knew Broccoli got laid……. There goes my filthy mind again.  Even whilst discussing vegetables I cannot seem to take my mind out of the sewer.   It is a dreadful affliction and one that I am receiving therapy for.   Along with my punitis.

All the best

Stay Fab