Only Fools and Horses

I have mentioned my love for Only Fools and Horses in a previous blog. It is hard to believe that the series is 40 years old.  The characters of Del Boy, Boycie, Rodney and Grandad were part of my childhood.

Here is a famous clip of ‘Trigger’ who always called Rodney ‘Dave’

Only Fools and Horses Trigger-Lift to the pub

I once worked with a guy who could never remember people’s names and called everyone ‘Dave’. Even the women. He got away with it as it was always done with a cheeky wink and a glint in his eye.

He probably wouldn’t get away with it today. If I forget someone’s name- male or female- I just call them ‘frank’.   It seems to have worked well so far.  Who knows, maybe one day I will actually meet a ‘Frank’.

It got me thinking of the other comedies where a hapless and or dim character always provided unbelievable comedy. ‘Dougal’ from Father Ted came to mind and ‘Joey’ from friends.

Friends- Best of Joey moments

Best of Father Dougal-Father Ted

Imagine if Trigger, Dougal and Joey were in the same room? There’s a joke in there somewhere but I am damned if I can think of one now.

All the best

Stay Fab