Postman Bend and Snap

When the post man arrived this morning Buzz and Finn were apoplectic.  Obviously, this is no revelation for dog lovers.  But apparently their behavior is known as a positive reward. In that they bark to make the post man go away and guess what, he always goes away.  So therein lays their reward.

If I ever decide to date a postman this would really mess with their furry little heads as he would be coming into my house as opposed to leaving. But for now, I will keep my romantic notions to myself.

Once they had calmed down, I brought them for a walk. Lately they have begun to do everything in unison. Previously if Buzz peed Finn would also. Now the same applies if they are going for a poo.

Today Buzz had a particularly interesting poo in that his poo was standing straight up. I decided to call it shituesque. For some reason whilst bending down to bag his poo I began to think of the ‘Bend and snap’ scene from legally blonde. I had watched the movie last week.  This is when Reese Witherspoon is demonstrating to her friend, the nail lady, how best to grab a man’s attention by using the bend and snap technique. Here is the link

I managed to resist imitating the move, just about. Reese is trying to get her friend to flirt with the mail man.  Maybe I need to try it with my postman sometime?


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.