The 7 Irish deadly sins

The word ‘deadly’ in Ireland does not mean the same thing as it does in most other English-speaking countries.  Within our vernacular the word deadly means optimal craic.  With the word ‘craic’ meaning ‘fun’.  So, to simplify ‘deadly’ means ‘optimal fun’.

Phrases like ‘top o de mornin to you’ and ‘soft day, thank God’ are rarely used. We can thank the movie ‘The Quiet Man’ for these. If we do say these phrases to each other in Ireland it is merely because we are being ironic and taking the piss out of ourselves.

Perhaps in the foregone days of strict Catholicism the Irish seven deadly sins could be



3.Fast food

4. Smoking and sminking (-they count as one –sminking is smoking and thinking simultaneously)

5. Slagging-taking the piss (Includes cursing)

6. Shifting-kissing

7.Sexting-rude texting


The best night out would have to encompass all of the above.  As we say here ‘When you are out, you are out’, meaning that there is really no point in doing it half arsed and heading home after a few drinkees.

For the optimum craic you need to stay the whole distance until the sun comes up. If this means drinking, drugging (for myself this means taking too many multi vitamins, at least in today’s current climate), sminking, gorging, shifting, slagging and sexting, then so be it. There is only one thing worse than being bad in my book and that is not being really good at being bad.

Now, that’s the real sin.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.


P.S- Almost forgot. Not being able to recite at least a few scenes from ‘Father Ted’, would have to count as the eight greatest sin in Ireland.