Robin Williams Part One (1 of 3)

Best of Robin Williams

It is hard to believe that-as the clip points out- it is seven years since we lost Robin Williams.  Such an immense and unique talent. There has been and never will be anyone quite like him.

The only other comedian that I believe may have elements of his talent is Jim Carey.  As Robin Williams is such an immense talent, I feel the need to honor him in three blogs over the next few days. And possibly because so many wonderful clips featuring him have popped up for me.

He was superb in Aladdin. And I have such fond memories of when he was ‘Mork from Ork’in Mork and Mindy.

When I was younger, I loved saying ‘Nanu Nanu’ to anyone who was willing to partake in the alien ritual.  If I try it nowadays, I get some weird looks as it is no longer recognizable.

When it was on TV a cousin of mine got a pair of rainbow braces-just like Mork- from her father when he returned from America.  She was the envy of everyone in her school.

I couldn’t sign off without a reference to Sesame Street. This is just so ridiculously cute.   Particularly when Elmo says ‘I only had three lines’.  So many stars have appeared on Sesame Street over the years but this has to be my favorite appearance by far.

Robin Williams and Elmo-Blooper



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