Robin Williams Part two (2 of 3)

TikTok Robin Williams Black outs on Jonathan Ross

Robin Williams was so open and honest about his alcohol and drug addictions. Comedy can often be the most powerful method of highlighting the dangers of addictions.  In this clip his genius is so apparent. The devilment and debauchery that he must have had with Peter Cook was no doubt legendary.

I often think that someone may have watched this and been inspired to write the movie ‘The Hangover’.  As a former drinker I can relate to many of his stories. Particularly when he explains the come down.’ What comes up must go down’ is a phrase I still use today.

One of my craziest memories of an all-night drinking session was when I was staying in Sitges in Spain on a corporate training weekend.   I was working for a multinational company and we were very well looked after.  After getting well-oiled we all headed to the beach to go skinny dipping.   I invented ‘invisible handball’ in the sea which entertained us for a little while.

On the way home we could find no taxis as they were all full.  I had the bright idea of lying down in the middle of the road to force a taxi to stop.  Basically, doing a human impersonation of a sleeping policeman.  A taxi did stop.

There was a couple in the back and the taxi man had no intention of stopping for a few nutters who thought that it was a good idea to lie down in the middle of the road.  I still cringe when I think of my foolhardy and carefree alcohol fueled days.  I am still just as foolhardy and carefree now just minus the alcohol.

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