Killing two birds with one stone

Following on from my pheasant story yesterday I became curious enough to research the origins of the phrase ‘killing two birds with one stone’. Considering it is such a well-used idiom I began to think of how cruel a saying it actually is.

It has its origins in Greek Mythology from the story of a father and his son called Daedalus and Icarus. Two birds are killed with one stone by Daedalus to use the feathers to make wings. Both father and son escape from the Labyrinth on Crete using these wings.

Even though the phrase is unpalatable when I really think about it, I am a fan of its intention. Working smart appeals to me. Why do one task when I can do two at the same time.

Case in point is how I cook as I always tend to batch cook.  Last weekend I cooked a (even if I say so myself) magnificent vegetarian lasagna for a few friends.  I am not a vegetarian myself but it was well received. Instead of cooking one batch I cooked two and froze the rest.

Afterwards the craic and the giggles were mighty.  As we sat around chatting afterwards one of the girls asked if we had reached a point where it would be unnecessary for people to come out and announce that they are gay.  In other words, as a society can we just accept people as they are without judgement? I had to go one step further and said imagine if someone said the following

‘I have an announcement to make. I am coming out. I am black’.

We all got the giggles. But according to another friend as a society we are not there yet. As many people still face non acceptance and discrimination. Please God we will get there one day.

All the best

Stay Fab