Robin Williams Part three (3of 3)

Robin Williams discussing Michael Jackson on Propofol (The Graham Norton Show)

‘Taking propofol for sleep is like taking chemotherapy as you are tired of shaving your head’ has to be one of my favorite comedic similes ever.  To see Jennifer Saunders and Elijah Wood crack up when he makes this statement makes the whole moment even better.

As a former nurse, Propofol was used a lot in theatre as an anesthetic as it has such a short half like. Basically, meaning that you regain your consciousness quite quickly once it has stopped being administered.

I believe that the Doctor ‘Conrad Murray’ that prescribed it for Michael Jackson was struck off the medical register for malpractice and jailed.

Robin Williams lights up when he speaks of his beautiful daughter ‘Zelda’ and the origins of her name.  Maybe ‘Sonic’ would be a good name for a boy? After ‘Sonic the hedgehog’? Graham Norton mentions changing his name to ‘Smirnoff ‘in this clip so that he could possibly make easy money for promoting the brand.

I began to think that maybe the favorite tipple for Conrad Murray before he went to jail was also ‘Smirnoff’ but that it should have been called ‘Strukoff’ once he was jailed. In that he was ‘struck off’ the medical register for malpractice. What do you think?

There will never be anyone that comes close to the genius of this man. He is sadly missed. But thank goodness for his wonderful films, comedy and interview clips like this. I found another Sesame Street clip with Robin Williams which I have to share.


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