Robin Williams rubbing the meat.


How lucky is Martha Stewart to have Robin Williams in her kitchen? They were the days when double entendres were not part of the cookery landscape. With The Great British Bake Off, they are now an everyday occurrence for a giggle.

Knock Knock – Cumin.

And all his humour is ridiculously clever. He really was such a genius. I have done a few blogs on him but cannot help it. I miss him and am a huge fan.

This is my favorite clip with Joanna Lumley and David Walliams. Warning – Extremely woeful Double Entendres


Viz Magazine has had a character for over thirty years called Finbar Saunders and his Double Entendres, which always cracks me up.

Finbar’s Mum states, ‘ I like nothing more than a nice hot pink one inside me first thing in the morning,’ referring to how she loves a cooked sausage with a cooked breakfast. His response is always,’ Fnarr, fnarr,’ which I always use when I hear a witty smutty remark/double entendre. Having a filthy sense of humour is an affliction that I am very proud of.

It does get me into trouble sometimes, such as when a fun evening consisted of asking everyone’s porn names. We were a healthcare committee group with a few visiting Professors. As you may know, the porn name game involves taking the name of your first pet and then your mother’s maiden name. Mine would be Pepi Leahy. Instead, I announced to the 20-strong table,’ Bang me Hard.’ Cue much mirth and giggles. Nobody could believe me, and they were right, too.


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