Saudi muff diving


Today I shall carry on from yesterday’s theme with the Chinese Bond villain called Muff Munch as my memory has been piqued. Excuse me whilst I wax (Muff?) lyrical (Yes pun therapy continues and is largely unsuccessful).

In my early 20’s I worked in Riyadh Saudi Arabia for a few years. We had quite a colorful social life whilst we worked there. I had just finished my first PADI scuba diving course and was looking forward to attending a friends birthday celebration. We were all getting together at the British aerospace compound.

I was chatting to one of the guys about my diving course and he told me that he worked as a muff diver. Everybody around me started chuckling. Which should have warned me for what was to come.

I had no idea what he meant as I had never heard the phrase before. Full of confidence I asked him what a muff diver was? He told me that a muff diver was a ‘Marine underwater firefighter’.

I knew he was having me on as putting fires out under water made no sense to me. I questioned him further. He further elucidated that he had worked on an oil rig where welding the frame of the rig underwater would sometimes cause fires. This seemed feasible enough to me.

I didn’t question him any further but there was still lots of sniggering going on around me. I took one of the other guys to one side and asked him what everybody thought was so funny. He gave me the true explanation of muff diving and I was mortified.

A few months later we were at the Dubai Sevens Rugby tournament. Many revelers wore different types of crazy fancy dress costumes. Some Welsh chaps dressed up as sheep. They were covered in hundreds of cotton wool balls and made sheep noises as they queued up at the bar. One of the rugby fans was dressed in full skin suit and written across his forehead was Muff Diver. I had to get a photo taken with him and told him my story of my embarrassment. To this day I have never forgotten the moment I had the royal piss taken out of me.


That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.