Lady who farts on demand via webcam

Well, who knew?  A 48-year-old lady in America is making over $4,000 per month for breaking wind on the internet. And selling videos of the act also.  The lady has decided to share this fact with the world and also wishes to keep the secret from her family. Which is a bit of a conundrum in and of itself. This finely honed skill requires a special diet and obviously great commitment.

WPA- Woeful pun alert. The following text may make you wince or gurn.

I wonder does she live in Chicago? ……. The Windy City.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist, it was too obvious).  I can only guess that in no way is she halfhearted (half farted) about her business and must be doing it to her fart’s content.  During an interview she was asked if she has ever broken wind in error in a social situation and she admitted that she had which must have quickened her fart rate at the time. Ok I will stop now with the woeful fart puns.

Therefore, instead of a webcam she has a fartcam.  Although it might need to be titanium coated to prevent it melting from the noxious fumes.

Perhaps in the future web and fartcams will have sensory functions.  Kind of like the ‘Scratch’n sniff’ cards?  The fartcam customers may be able to activate the smell app on their PC for the complete experience.

I suppose it depends on what you are into. I realize that I am probably putting way too much thought into this. Anyhoo I am off to let one rip in her honor.

That’s all for now

Stay fab