Six Impossible things before breakfast

I have become obsessed with Alice in Wonderland again.  Perhaps because every day I hear the expression ‘going down the rabbit hole ‘to describe the act of getting lost within a google search or doing a deep dive into a research topic.  On my birthday this year I bought myself an ‘I believe in six impossible things before breakfast’ large fridge magnet which I look at every morning to ignite my imagination. I love it. But it doesn’t always work.

The following are today’s meagre and flawed attempts at six impossible things before breakfast.


  1.  Get up at 5am- Yes. Impossible.  Didn’t do it.
  2. Get Finn and Buzz to not become apoplectic when the postman arrives- Yes. Impossible.  Didn’t do it.
  3. Do my blog for the day by 7 am – just like getting up at 5am.  Impossible.  Didn’t do it.
  4. Style my hair so that I don’t look like Javier Barden from ‘No Country for Old Men’ – Impossible. Woeful attempt.  Back up in a hair band.
  5. Have a wheatgrass shot instead of adding into porridge- Yes. Impossible. Gagged.
  6. Have an imaginative daydream – There is a place called Dellyland,  just left pass the tree and over the bridge from Wonderland where nothing is as it seems and a world of whimsy prevails.  Buzzwocky and Jabberfinn roam freely offering joyful interactions to anyone of a melancholy nature. – Yes. Possible. I did it.

One of these fine days I shall believe and conceive six impossible things before breakfast. It is a work in progress. A bit like my blog. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

Stay fab.